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Zhejiang JMT Technology, the leader of low pressure injection molding process 1. What is low pressure injection molding
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Zhejiang JMT Technology, the leader of low pressure injection molding process

1. What is low pressure injection molding
Low pressure injection molding process is a kind of packaging process that uses very low injection pressure to inject hot-melt materials into the mold and quickly solidify. With the excellent sealing performance and excellent physical and chemical properties of hot-melt materials, it can achieve the effects of insulation, temperature resistance, impact resistance, vibration reduction, moisture resistance, waterproof, dust-proof, chemical corrosion resistance, etc., and play a good role in protecting electronic components.
In the automotive industry, some automotive interior molding and electronic components packaging will use this process.

2. Molding process and Application
The skin is put into the mold in advance, and then the plasticized plastic in the molten state is injected into the closed mold cavity with the help of the push force of the screw, and the product is obtained after curing. The materials used for low pressure injection molding skin can be cloth, leather, PVC fabric, TPO with PP foam and PUR skin. At present, the technology has been widely used in the production of automobile door guard, pillar guard and parcel shelf guard. Many high-end interior parts adopt low-pressure injection molding process, such as Mercedes Benz, BMW door panel inlay, etc
3. Low pressure injection molding principle
4. Several ways of hanging cloth for low pressure injection mold
The first type: fixed hanging needle
The hanging needle is not adjustable, which is suitable for flat products. It can save the mold space by using the extensibility of the fabric itself, but it is easy to tear the fabric. When the mold has two cavities, it needs to hang cloth separately.
Second: adjustable hanging needle
It is suitable for products with large drop and complex shape. The hanging needle can be adjusted by itself, which can effectively protect the fabric.

The third: the use of hook form
The hook form is used to clamp the fabric and make the fabric hang vertically. This form is easy to operate and avoid the sharp part of the hanging needle sticking to people. The fabric can be adjusted automatically in the mold closing process and is not easy to wrinkle.
5. Introduction to the structure of JMT low pressure injection mould for A-pillarInversion mould, 2 point SVG