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Review: AMVR Portable Neck Hanging Power Bank

Aug 12, 2023Aug 12, 2023


If you have a problem with battery life during extended gameplay sessions on your favourite VR headset, you may need an external battery pack. A lot of battery packs, while good at what they do, can increase the weight of the headset, which over time will fatigue the neck and ruin the balance. This is where the portable neck-hanging power bank from AMVR comes in.

The power bank offers an additional 8000mAh for any VR headset with a USB-C connection. Set up is incredibly simple. Plug it in and put it around your neck. That’s it. Once connected, it will charge your headset fully at least 1.5 times before you’ll need to charge up again. This extends playtime from two to three hours to a fantastic seven to eight hours. I will say this is longer than any play session I’ve ever had in VR, and I can’t fault the product’s effectiveness in keeping me connected. I tested the battery pack with both Quest 2 and PICO 4, and with both, it worked perfectly.

One of the most important things with PICO 4 (that I go on about a lot!) is how well-balanced the headset is. The headset designers put a lot of effort into making sure the balance between the front and back was fantastic and the weight was comfortable for prolonged wearing. With other battery packs that connect to the headset directly, there is a risk that this balance can be skewed and lead to neck strain. As the neck-hanging power bank from AMVR hangs around your neck, this isn’t a problem.

I will say that it does take some getting used to. The power bank itself isn’t too heavy, but it certainly feels weird when you first put it on. The strap part is rigid, with some flexibility to allow you to mould it to your body and neck. It will keep that position until you move it. The silicone-like coating ensures comfort. There’s a magnet connection to keep it secure for those more active games, which is a nice touch. At no point did I feel restricted by wearing it.

The whole thing feels premium and sleek in its design, and there’s only a single button to turn it on and a few LEDs to show the power level. The simplicity adds to its elegance.

While it takes a little getting used to, the AMVR Portable Neck Hanging Power Bank is a great solution to the problem of VR headsets not having quite enough when it comes to battery life. The design is sleek enough, and the silicone-coated neck strap is rigid enough to support the weight but flexible enough to mould to your body shape. Where function is concerned, the performance is fantastic. Overall, this is a great solution if you don’t want to ruin how lightweight and balanced your headset is but need that extra battery life.

AMVR is a VR accessories brand that specialises in products to improve the quality of life for VR gamers. Whether you’re looking for charging stands, controller grips, or even face cushions, they’ll likely have a product for the headset you own and to fulfil your needs.

You can buy the AMVR Portable Neck Hanging Power Bank now on Amazon or the AMVR website for £29.99/$33.99.

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