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I was on MTV's Pimp My Ride & they ruined my car

Nov 20, 2023Nov 20, 2023

A WOMAN who once appeared on Pimp My Ride has claimed the work done her Ford left the vehicle mouldy.

Taking to her social media account, Yaz Johnson told viewers she had “proof” to back up her allegation.

Before showing a clip of what happened, she hit out at people who accused her of “not knowing what she’s talking about”, claimed Ford cars are apparently known for having their “door seals go” and said it’s her fault.

Sharing a clip apparently showing an unidentified person doing work on the door of her car, she said: “Long story short, Wrench Studios did a really shoddy job on the wrap, water was piling up in the door.

“Litres just pouring out through the speaker and the interior and going all over the carpet floor. And I just don’t know what else to say really.”

She then claimed it had “nothing to do with the seals”.

TikTok user Yaz then said she “knew” she wasn’t an “idiot” and said it was “so jarring that I let you lot on the internet gaslight me into thinking I didn’t know what I was talking about”.

Yaz then said she didn’t want compensation as the “money’s been spent, the lessons been learnt and the laughs have been had”.

But what she did want was an apology from the people in her comments section who she alleged called her a “liar”.

“I just find it so funny that I was right,” she said. “And you were all wrong.”

She continued: “Also the AA man who had to come and jumpstart my car the other day, he told me that he thinks that the garage swapped out my battery and gave me some dud.”

Sharing a clip of what she says is her car battery, she added: “That is not my original Ford battery. That cost me a whole other amount of money but that is a story for another day.”

In the caption, she went on to claim: “The mechanic you see poking those holes in my doors said that water always gets into doors, that’s normal, that’s how they’re built.

“But they all have drainage holes at the bottom which allow the water to flow straight through. Wrench studios covered these holes lol. Case solved, we can all laugh and move on now”.

MTV has told The Sun’s Fabulous magazine that Yaz Johnson did not get in contact with the production team, MTV, Wrench Studios or eBay to complain about the alterations done to her vehicle.

MTV is currently in the process of contacting Yaz to offer reimbursement for any costs that she’s had in relation to the repairs of her Ford.

Wrench Studios also claimed to The Sun’s Fabulous magazine that Yaz had admitted on live camera that if the car hadn’t been accepted onto the show, it would have been going to the scrapyard to get disposed of.

A spokesperson shared: “The car came in broken and battered and she admitted live on camera that the car was going to the scrap yard to be disposed of if it hadn’t made it on to the show, which outlines the condition of the vehicle.

“If you actually look at her video the front windscreen is iced and she is scraping it off on the inside of her car, rather strange. If the windscreen seals are perished and need to be replaced, she should have got the problem addressed.”

They continued: “The Ford Ka done for Yaz was finished in July-August and she had the car for 6 months before releasing the TikTok video, and never once did she mention any issues or any problems.

“As a common courtesy for all the work we done on her vehicle free of charge to herself, she could have at least come to us to mention any issues, but instead she chose to make a video and blame the bonnet vents for the mould in her car which have absolutely no connection with the inside of the vehicle. Every engine bay on every car is already open to the elements! The front grill! And the back of the bonnet brings in fresh air for the engine to breathe and dissipates the engine Heat. Cutting additional holes in the bonnet does not have anything to do with the main cabin of the car. They are 2 separate parts. Engine bay and cabin are separated by a firewall.

“This is standard in Car Manufacturing therefore renders Miss Yaz's complaint baseless. A quick google search of 'all Fords from that era mould issues' will bring up exactly how poorly made the weather seals are on the vehicle in question. So it seems to be a very common issue for Ford vehicles manufactured in those years.”