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Announcing The Mold, Mycotoxin, and Chronic Illness Summit: An Essential Step Towards Health Empowerment

Aug 29, 2023Aug 29, 2023

DrTalks, in collaboration with Ann Shippy, MD, are hosting a free, online summit that addresses the hidden health crisis of mold toxicity and other chronic illnesses to help individuals reclaim control of their health.

CARLSBAD, Calif., July 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- DrTalks, a platform dedicated to providing elite health education and resources, is proud to present the Mycotoxin, Mold, and Chronic Illness Summit. This is a free virtual summit hosted by board-certified physician, Ann Shippy, MD. The summit aims to empower individuals and families to identify, remediate, detox from, and prevent mold exposure and its detrimental health impacts.

Key Takeaways:

The Mold, Mycotoxin, and Chronic Illness Summit is a free online event focused on uncovering the root causes of chronic gut conditions, from October 17 - 23, 2023.

This summit is hosted by Ann Shippy, MD, a passionate physician who has conquered an autoimmune disorder, and features a panel of over 40 health experts discussing effective methods to heal from mold toxicity and other chronic illnesses.

Registration for the summit is free and open to everyone. Sign up now at

The Mold, Mycotoxin, and Chronic Illness Summit is a must-attend for anyone concerned about toxic mold exposure and its impact on their health as well as chronic illness. Attendees will learn how to identify mold in their homes, prevent exposure, and safely detoxify their bodies.

Dr. Shippy's expertise in mold toxicity and functional medicine as well as her use of cutting-edge science will provide attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve optimal health. The knowledge gained from this summit could help people improve their immune systems to live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

Dr. Shippy is a passionate physician, dedicated to addressing the root causes of health problems, not just treating symptoms. She opened her own Functional Medicine practice in 2005 and continues to push the medical industry towards treating root causes. This summit is part of her mission to share her knowledge and personal experience dealing with mold toxicity and to empower others to reclaim their health. This summit is an exclusive, free opportunity to gain invaluable insights from a true pioneer in the field.

Registration for this transformative online summit is free and open to all at

The goal of is to empower one billion people to get educated on their serious health conditions, and this summit is one way to achieve that goal. To learn more about DrTalks, visit their newsroom at

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