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Satiate your sweet

Aug 16, 2023Aug 16, 2023

To address our monsoon dessert cravings, chef Arvind Prasad shares two recipes that are not very difficult to make, yet are exquisite in taste.

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While it is incessantly raining outside, and it’s damp and cold inside, along with coffee, fritters and khichdi, we also constantly crave for something warm, fuzzy and sweet. To address our monsoon dessert cravings, chef Arvind Prasad, co-founder and director of academics at WhiteCaps, shares two recipes that are not very difficult to make, yet are exquisite in taste. Chef Arvind with his experience of more than two decades in the industry, who has conceptualised the dessert menu for ITC's Chocolate boutique Fabelle, is now the Ambassador for India for Callebaut Chocolates.

Apple Rosemary Breton Pie

Almond Sable BretonIngredientsButter 200 g Refined flour 184 gAlmond powder 102 gCastor Sugar 102 gBaking Powder 3 g

MethodMix all the ingredients just to form a dough. Do not over knead.Chill in the fridge for 30 minutes and then roll out into sheets, cut rounds as per apple dome mould and bake at 180 degree until fully baked.

Rosemary apple compoteFresh apple chopped 1Castor Sugar 15 gButter 5 gPectin 1 gRosemary fresh 2 g

MethodCaramelise 15g sugar and add chopped apple and rosemary. Cover it for a few minutes to infuse flavours. Cool down to 40 degree C and add pectin mixed with 8g sugar. Add butter and cook the apple. Put it in the mould and freeze.

Vanilla Pastry CreamMilk 100gCooking cream 100 gCastor sugar 30 gCustard powder 15 gButter 20 gVanilla extract 2 ml

MethodIn a saucepan, boil milk and cooking cream together and add vanilla extract to it. Meanwhile, in a bowl, temper custard powder, sugar and some milk from the recipe. Once the milk and cream comes to boil, add slowly to the tempered mixture while mixing continuously. Sieve and pour back in the saucepan. Cook till you get a thick, shiny custard consistency. Blend butter at 35 degree C and keep it aside.

For French Vanilla MousseVanilla pastry cream 200 gWhipped cream 60 gVanilla paste 1 g

MethodFold in all the three ingredients without losing the volume.

Apple clear glazingNeutral glaze 500 gApple juice 50 gWater 15 g

MethodIn a saucepan, boil all the three ingredients. Cool to 40 degree C and glaze on the frozen pie.

To assemble

Make thin slices of apple, poached in sugar syrup. Arrange in a silicone sphere mould.Pour vanilla pastry cream and insert the frozen rosemary compote and end with vanilla pastry cream.Freeze this in a silicon dome in silicon mould and unmould on baked Sable breton.

Garnish with Sable Breton, fresh crumble, rosemary sprigs, fresh apple slices and drizzled sugar syrup. Serve at 4 degree C.

Apple Pie Cheesecake

For the baked cheesecakeWhipping cream 170 gBreakfast sugar 100 gEgg 1Cream cheese 500 g

MethodMix all the ingredients in a food processor to a smooth batter.Bake on the top of Graham cracker/biscuit base, or you can use Sable Breton crumble with melted butter to bind well.

For the Caramel Apple JellyApple, peeled and sliced: 8 piecesCastor sugar 60 g Pectin powder 2 g

MethodCaramelise the sugar and mix with Apple and pectin powder. Bake in a cake ring and freeze and transfer on top of the cheesecake.Make sweet pastry lattice and transfer on the top of the cheesecake. Slice and enjoy at room temperature.

Apple Rosemary Breton PieAlmond Sable BretonIngredientsMethodRosemary apple compoteMethodVanilla Pastry CreamMethodFor French Vanilla MousseMethodApple clear glazingMethodTo assembleApple Pie CheesecakeFor the baked cheesecakeMethodFor the Caramel Apple JellyMethod