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'Magic' £2 ingredient melts away stubborn oven grease with minimal effort

Apr 23, 2024Apr 23, 2024

Cleaning your oven can be a mammoth task, but a £2 item that's been hailed by cleaning fans as 'magic' could be the key to getting your oven sparkling in no time

Of all the cleaning jobs you need to keep on top of around your home, the oven is often one that many of us forget to do as regularly as we probably should. And with the appliance gathering grease and grime every time we use it, it can quickly become a mammoth task if left for too long.

Thankfully though, cleaning fans have heaped praise on a £2 item that they claim will blast through the grease in your oven to leave you with a sparkling appliance in no time. One woman recently asked in a Facebook group dedicated to fans of cleaning guru Mrs Hinch about the best way to clean her oven, and one product kept coming out on top in the comments - Bar Keeper's Friend.

The woman asked for help in getting "thick stubborn grease" off of the bottom of her oven, and one commenter suggested: "Used the Bar Keepers stain remover myself today. It is good, oven came up a treat," while another agreed, writing: "I also use this. It’s brilliant stuff," and a third also backed the product as they posted: "I used Bar Keepers Friend too and the grease came off the glass right away. Works like magic."

Bar Keeper's Friend Stain Remover is available as a powder from The Range for just £1.99, but the product is also available as a Power Cream which you can pick up on Ocado for £3. On Amazon, you can even buy a Bar Keeper's Friend bundle that comes with the cream, powder, and two washable sponge wipes for £12.20.

Another commenter on the Facebook group claimed they picked the product up for £2 from Home Bargains, while there were even more comments from people praising the item and suggesting tips on how to use it. One said: "I used this yesterday for the first time on my oven door, and thought it was great. Poured the powder on the door then used hot water and a sponge."

If you're not a fan of Bar Keeper's Friend, commenters in the group also had several other suggestions, with another popular option being Elbow Grease, which is a degreaser spray available at The Range for £1.25 for 500ml, or £2.29 for a litre.

One person stated: "Elbow grease oven cleaner spray. Mine came up like new after using this," while another recommended: "Very hot water and Elbow Grease spray. Leave to soak as long as you can, then use a sponge to wash," and a third said: "Best thing I've ever used is Elbow Grease from B&M. The grease just slides off."

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