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Liquid Silicone Processing, Metering and Component Manufacture

Jul 21, 2023Jul 21, 2023

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ELMET specialises in processing and metering liquid silicone, as well as manufacturing rework-free, precise, high-quality liquid silicone parts.

ELMET specialises in processing and metering liquid silicone, as well as manufacturing rework-free, precise, high-quality liquid silicone parts.

A dedicated team experienced in mould making and liquid-silicone injection moulding has since developed into an internationally successful systems builder.

Founded in Austria in 1996, ELMET is currently a global specialist in designing and manufacturing high-quality equipment for the production of silicone parts.

ELMET implements the most specific challenges for its customers. In doing so, the team continually extends the limits of technical feasibility for its partners worldwide, finding innovative solutions while focusing on the production of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) parts.

This ongoing technical refinement and constant pushing of its values make the company a powerful partner and secure it decisive competitive advantages on the global market.

A focus of ELMET’s innovative product range from is smart medical solutions. The firm is a reliable partner for many customers in the field of LSR component production and development for the medical technology, baby care, healthcare, and biochemical sectors. Here, the company is guided exclusively by the requirements of the medical industry.

Silicone is one of the most versatile, flexible, stable, and tolerable substances used in modern medical technology. It is the basis for infinite sensitive components.

Silicone is free of allergens, kind to the skin, completely biocompatible, and offers high resistance to extreme temperatures. Furthermore, a low compression set and temper-free, highly transparent LSR types make silicone the preferred material for medical and optical applications.

ELMET’s core areas of expertise include the production of housing seals, multi-component parts, and the overmoulding of insert parts. Many manufacturers of medical technology, baby-care, healthcare, and biochemical products rely on the company’s knowledge.

The firm supplies customers all over the world with dental sticks, membranes, hoses, baby pacifiers, breastfeeding aids, baby-bottle teats, beakers, respiratory masks, respiration accessories, flow valves, implants, syringe pistons, duckbill valves, needle-free valves, micro applications, damping elements, and protective masks.

State-of-the-art developments and products in the fields of LSR, high-temperature vulcanised (HTV) silicone and multi-component products (2K or multi-K) are one of the company’s core areas of expertise. ELMET also manufactures components made of composite silicone materials involving thermoplastic, metal, electronics, and glass.

ELMET’s developments originate from the company’s primary area of expertise, mould making, which is still a mainstay of the Austrian silicone specialists. Formed from a team of dedicated toolmakers, ELMET has been a pioneer in this field for decades.

The company manufactures its tools in-house to ensure a consistent and sustainable approach, as well as high system quality. Innovative eroding, milling, turning, grinding, and engraving machines are available.

ELMET manages and facilitates mould servicing through its automation expertise.

A stable, economical production process can only be successful in the long term if all components are precisely coordinated with each other.

ELMET, therefore, supplies its customers not only with individual elements but also turnkey systems. In doing so, the company’s experts develop comprehensive concepts, update existing systems, and create completely new operational structures if required.

Customers are guided all along the product evolution chain from the development of resource-conserving processes to systems design through to efficient implementation. The comprehensive service from ELMET also includes support with designing parts.

ELMET practices in processing and metering liquid silicone, as well as the construction of rework-free, precise, high-quality liquid silicone components.