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Expanding portfolio in plastic injection moulding key to Hayco’s global expansion

Jul 06, 2023Jul 06, 2023

Establishing a successful business is not an easy feat, particularly in saturated markets where competition is at a cutthroat level. Innovation can be a key differentiator, but it is not the only factor that sets apart one company from the next. For plastic injection moulding specialist Hayco, the formula for success is simple: be a good corporate citizen whom employees, customers and suppliers find reliable.

“There is intense competition in manufacturing consumer products, so there cannot be any waste. There’s no margin for it,” said CEO Christopher Hay. “We’re committed to continuously improving our manufacturing practices to deliver more value to and improve the competitiveness of our clients.”

Providing a symphony of services including product development and assembly, Hayco traces its origins to a humble broom and brush company based in Adelaide, Australia. In 1892, William Hay established SA Brush, which later became industry leader SABCO. Leveraging the family’s manufacturing expertise, William Hay’s grandson Donald Hay set his eyes on Asia – recognising early on the region’s pivotal role in the global economy.

Donald Hay founded Hayco in Hong Kong in 1983 as a brush specialist with injection moulding as its core expertise. It has expanded its portfolio over the years to cover oral care, water filtration and hydration, and baby care products. Offering end-to-end services from design to delivery, Hayco works closely with customers to create simple yet effective solutions that are also durable and ecologically safe.

Hayco’s brush-making legacy continues to play an important role in its growth. Combining high-speed bristling capabilities and high-output volumes with stringent product validation and testing, Hayco has carved a niche for itself as the top-of-mind household cleaning device supplier for many brands and retailers.

As the site of its first-ever brush and injection moulding factory in 1988, China is crucial in the company’s technology development. Hayco’s China facilities to date are purpose-built to offer end-to-end solutions.

Hayco continues to reinvest in its operations and technologies to expand the vertical integration of all aspects of its business, from product design and development, with in-house prototyping and mould making. This also includes all injection moulding, assembly and packaging. Hayco’s dedication to continuous improvement has helped the company earn Smart Manufacturing Capability Maturity Level 3 for all the manufacturing process of its plastic products in China.

Hayco is committed to reducing its environmental footprint by making durable plastic goods that last and by using recycled or environmentally friendly plastics in production.

Determined to provide clients with a more varied portfolio, Hayco acquired Portugal-based company CTR – a renowned developer and manufacturer of air care, pest control and pet care products. The acquisition paves the way for Hayco to enter new markets with diffusion products and consumables.

“The CTR acquisition opens a new world of suppliers, customers and processes. We see the next few years as crucial in building the foundation of our European business, and we are focused on integrating our acquisition,” Christopher Hay said.

The CTR acquisition adds facilities in Portugal, Zhongshan and India to Hayco’s three manufacturing facilities in the Pearl River Delta and a new LEED Platinum facility in the Dominican Republic, positioning the company to expand its reach further and grow its customer base even more. With its headquarters in Hong Kong, a key city in the Pearl River Delta, Hayco is more than equipped to cater to global demand.

“We’re transitioning from being a manufacturer in southern China to an international company. We’re going global, but we’re still upholding the values and principles of a family business as we establish our presence in Asia, the Americas and Europe,” Christopher Hay said.