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Digital Manufacturer Launches Discount Materials Supply Service

Jul 09, 2023Jul 09, 2023

Posted by Staff | Aug 08, 2023

Digital manufacturing company Shapeways has launched MFG Materials, a software service that provides manufacturers with access to a range of raw materials at discounted rates.

Through strategic partnerships and negotiations with top-tier raw materials vendors, Shapeways claims that it can supply plastics and other raw materials at an average 15% discount off list prices, depending on the material and quantity ordered.

"We’re committed to supporting our manufacturers,” said said Greg Rothman, general manager of software for Shapeways. “With the launch of MFG Materials, we’re taking a practical step toward helping them save on raw material costs. We are not only making these markets more accessible, but also enabling significant cost savings through our economies of scale. This boosts competitiveness and profitability for manufacturers, fueling growth in the US manufacturing sector,” said Rothman.

MFG Materials is immediately available to all current premium subscribers. Shapeways is introducing a low-cost monthly membership option, designed for manufacturers who only want access to MFG Materials.

Shapeways combines additive and traditional technologies with proprietary software solutions designed for other manufacturers and their customers, which reduces costs and improves supply chains, according to the company.

Shapeways operates manufacturing plants in Livonia and Charlotte, MI, and Eindhoven, Netherlands, and has access to a dozen additive technologies, six conventional manufacturing methods including injection molding and CNC machining, and hundreds of materials and finishes.

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