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5th International Injection Moulding Conference Centers on Automotive's Sustainable Shift

Jun 30, 2023Jun 30, 2023

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The 5th IIMC — International Injection Moulding Conference organised by the IKV in Aachen, Germany, is approaching and the programme is already well filled with expert lectures from industry and science. All lectures will be held in English. The conference will center around the dynamic automotive industry, delving into the prevailing challenges through the lens of injection moulding.

The automotive industry is currently undergoing a remarkable metamorphosis, propelled by an escalating consciousness of sustainability and the consequential shift towards electrifying vehicles. A symbiotic relationship exists between the automotive sector and the injection moulding process. Thus, the 5th International Injection Moulding Conference (IIMC) will comprehensively address the ensuing challenges pertaining to sustainability, digitalisation, structural components, as well as the interior and exterior domains. These pivotal themes will be explored from multiple perspectives in the main sessions, while the networking breaks and accompanying exhibition of the IIMC will provide an ideal platform for engaging with automotive industry experts. By hosting the conference at the state-of-the-art premises of the Plastics Innovation Center at IKV, the IIMC seamlessly amalgamates the latest research breakthroughs with industrial advancements, forging an invaluable synergy.

This conference is specifically tailored for international managers and experts hailing from diverse fields such as design, development, parts and mould-making, application technology, production, and quality assurance within the automotive industry. Additionally, scientists and researchers are also encouraged to participate. The IIMC serves as a global networking hub, and this year, it magnifies its focus on the automotive industry. The carefully curated selection of topics and esteemed speakers fosters collaboration among stakeholders across the entire value chain, encompassing both product and technology development. The core themes are thoughtfully chosen based on real-world challenges and prevailing industry trends, providing a solid foundation for numerous stimulating discussions.

The organisers are offering an attractive 20 percent discount on the registration fee for the second participant and onwards from the same company.

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